The posters of the messages should realize before they even post that their messages, once sent, are sent and sent for good.

Now, because the joining message says that the material is archived and available, by posting we are agreeing to that use at least, but we are not giving away all of our ownership either.
What a person writes is owned by that person. You may read the archives. You may study them. You may NOT quote from them or reproduce them for another work without the premission of the author.
Seems to me there are a few explanatory possibilities (I'm a believer in multiple causation). . 1) that anxiety over "entering" the discussion on the list was interfering with my ability to figure out how to get the archive; 2) that anxiety interfered with the person who set up of the process, so instructions were left unclear or the applicant was expected to already "know" how to obtain archives. The latter could take place as a result of anxiety on the part of the individual setting things up, or could perhaps be transmitted to that individual by others in the originating "group." The anxiety in this case would likely have to do with the business of "being studied."
Any individual could find the list archives, download them, and splash them (spam them) everywhere.
Although one is wise to realize that posting in most internet contexts is to publish one's wisdom or nonsense in a permanently archieved world-wide database, as we all know, many people don't have a clue and act as though they were alone in their study with their cat.
I have not even read all my mail yet tonight, but was delighted to discover that I am not the only one who has trouble with downloading archives. I feel SO STUPID when I can't manage such things.
BTW I do have a narrative analysis on the first archive but I've been afraid to post it because of this very "psychobabble" response and my fear of getting incinerated (participation on this list does not always feel like a game to me). I guess I'll wait til things feel a little more safe to me.
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