We used a Bion framework for quite some time, and developed a language -- and it was very useful for it's time, and is returned to periodically for reasons that I don't quite understand. I mean, sometimes we bring it back up because it's "useful" (as a grounding theory) and other times we bring it up because it reminds some of us of a time when we were on common ground (cognitively/affectively?).

If lurkers don't get what I'm saying up to this point, it's not because I'm bad or crazy (maybe a bit tired)'s because I'm speaking "group-speak
Maybe this stuff is simply very hard to verbalize - and one of our tasks along the way will be to created a language which can express and shape this stuff -----That sounds like therapy, doesn't it?
I am very pleased that minds not as puny as mine are tackling these questions and bringing forth quite clarifying ideas, suggestions, hypotheses, and above all, a new language
epatement is the spreading of refried goose innards on southern white persons.
I just heard a new word for "dirt ball"...."tara-sphere".
internet (noun) - an expandable metaphor?:-)
"I'm not a guy in a diner" just means that I've got a professional background in this area of study so that I'm not simply spouting off without having some measure of commitment to my ideas beyond that of what might pass for conversational dialogue between guys sitting at a diner.
there is a 'knack' about this forum which makes it hard to join into the local argot.
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