Net encounters are samples of human interaction that can be studied objectively just as other forms of communication can be studied. There are methods of group interaction involving pencil and paper and relative anonymity that have been studied (eg: delphi technique)

24 hour availbility, delay options in responding, the slower thought process of writing compared to speaking, no geographic constraints, lack of prejudgments based on age, race or sex, no local repercussions for deivant behaivor, most group net.relationships based on attention, alteruistism and and a strange process of reflected affect. and, no tone of voice, no laughter, no tears to be seen and no hugs to be had.

I learned that in properly documented taste tests, people who meet people on computers think the people they meet are more analytical and critical than those people think of themselves. Being on TV makes one look fatter. Being on the net makes one more obnoxious,

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