Oh, you want me to share with the list? Sorry, I don't think so... ;-)

My perspective is that members can not be held responsible for the impact what they share has on the group

I do think we are all 100% responsible for the impact of what we withhold. The individuals can not determine the effect of a given bit of data will have on an ongoing group process, rather it is what is withheld that can be attributed back to the person who did not bring the data into the group so it could be explored, integrated, etc.

I think the very first post I made to this list said that I consider transference (i.e., assumptions made about others whom you don't know well) detrimental to the functioning of most email lists. It's inevitable to some extent, yet personal disclosure can defuse it.
I don't think you can have an open dialogue where people disclose/share their ideas, perceptions, or views without taking risks and through doing that we are likely to touch emotions
. In order to communicate effectively with another fellow human, we must first reveal our identity. identity is an issue that Jung talks about in his compendium. By revealing our identity, we provide the framework for understanding half of the pre-existing structure that will function during the communications process. The other person reveals the other half.
I agree that "Identity" is important in group process and communications. Yet one has to be comfortable with their own identity, and be willing to share who they are, so they feel that they don't have to defend who they are. I think you can't seperate sharing "identity" with intimacy!
You all should realize that this medium is electronic publishing. There are NO privacy rights to something that is posted to a list; any lurker could repost anything to thousands of very public lists, usenet groups, web pages, gopher sites.
Certainly, I would agree that revealing elements of our identity to others is an issue of intimacy.
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