Keep the old threads going and also welcome the newcomer and help with any questions they have. I notice that occasionally a person can come on his list without demanding a complete reorganization. It is probably best to not spend a lot of energy flaming those who do. Nothing was accomplished by running the gator off, either by us or the gator

this is great! what an oppertunity for this list. an attack from the outside. will we rally around the flag? will we find a hidden inner streangth as a group? way cool......
Process-speaking (and I speak for experience in this group), I wonder if gators don't enter when participating group members are chomping on one another -- they serve as a useful target for the group to rally against -
Like the mythical alligators said to lurk in the New York City sewers it imbibes it's local environment and after throughly digesting it spews it forth in a great burst.
But the gist of it is that I don't think that Fred should apologize, and I'm with Matt all the way --- let's flame and storm and call down bolts from heaven on this one. The Baron of Lurkdom (Barry) has overstepped boundaries and I (gentle and conciliatory that I can be when I CHOOSE to be) am ready of a fight.
I have come to the conclusion, especially observing her strong reaction when the gator came out, that Shannah is a bona-fide combat veteran
the open door (keybord) policy of this group, and most lists, means that any psychopathic, deivant, social misfit with enough brains to type and figure out a few comands may at any time be as disruptive as a three year old throwing a temper tramtrum. fortunatly, they don't come along too often.
"Outsider" appears and presents derogatory discourse. . . . somebody stands forth to play the initial counter-role --hits the ball back-- and the game (playlet, performance, process-phase, whatever) is begun. We're off and running. (baF)
This happens a lot on lists, the new subscriber who arrives, looks for a very brief time (under 72 hours, under 100 posts as a working definition of brief), and critiques the discussion.

Hit and run. Peek around the corner.

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