Look, Harriet, I don't know what to do about him - and since I've underlined my gender so much ("she this" "she that") I might unconsiously be playing the helpless, scattered and confused female in need of protection from the Boogey-Fred's. And the Boogey-Eleanors

Funny, I only just noticed how few women (actively participating) there are in this group
I try not to generalize on male/female lines. Too many exceptions.

Maybe injecting a little family values fuel would not be such a bad thing. Notice how the Arabians constrain female members of their species from driving cars. And given from what i have seen on THIS highway, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Present company excepted of course.. . . . . . Now now girls, don't get upset, it's only a little joke.:¼)

And I'm not a girl anymore, or at least not in my present persona. Tease me in a more regressed state and I might blush and giggle a bit.
Why do I always break these pregnant silences? Labor anxiety

The other part is that as a woman on this group (one of the few active ones) it has felt mightily unbalanced to . I've kept quiet about this, but I've suspected in Jungian terms, that quite alot of the feminine roles (witch, mother, enticer, etc.) get loaded onto just a few of us. And its a bit much.

whether one is a man or a woman is given undue importance. why is that?

Earth to Roy! <g> You speaketh of Masculine v feminine roles on the Net? (You really didn't expect *that* to go unnoticed, didya? <g>) Nah, I disagree 1000%. Neato thing about Net is there are no rules, no roles - a great wondrous frontier so to speak. :-)

Thanks to all of you who wrote to me concerning my mention of feminine and masculine roles in tribal contexts. I confess that I was totally unaware of the political incorectness of mentioning historical gender-specific roles as a factor in human relations.

there is a certain freedom in being able to eschew gender, especially if one is female.

I be flattered to know I was not taken for a woman through textual clues.

but really, i don't hide my gender. as a matter of fact, i never hide my gender, i just don't mention it. i let people draw whatever conclusions they want, if they absolutely need to do so. since i don't post for purposes of mating, i don't really give a fuck what they think i am. and if i know and like someone, and they ask me directly, well then i just tell them

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