Member of the non-credentialed, semi-pro, lapsed hippie control group here in USA.

I'm a net.oldtimer -- been around since 1981; can grep but prefer not to
I am involved in some political offices and am very interested in online ethics.
I am new in this list and I have no idea what will going on here.
So my name ist Thomas and I am 30 years old, no sorry now I am 31 :).I spend a lot of my time reading and writing emails thinking about social psychology.
I a 32 yr old research chemist in Walnut Creek, CA (San Francisco area). I am a self proclaimed armchair philosopher
I have six lists at the moment.
I organized an on-line United States Senate debate and a state of Minnesota Gubernatorial debate that we forwarded into a public discussion forum with approximately 700 citizen-participants. I did survey research on the reactions of the citizen-participants to the list, and got real positive feedback. I'm writing the results of the work up for my Ph.D. in political theory at the U of Cambridge - UK. The title will be, "American Democracy and Computer Mediated Communication - A Case Study in Minnesota" As you can imagine the focus is on how the listserv technology can became a new part of our democratic political machinery. The unique nature of social interaction on the listserv is thus a key part of the study. Thus, this list was irresistable. I would appreciate any references about works on listservs and social interaction that have already been published.
For the last 14 years and until this month I've been a sysop/forum leader on national networks such as CompuServe, Delphi, Genie, and AOL. I ran the Computer Consultants Forum on CompuServe, the Art of Programming Forum/Round Table on Genie, and most lately the Mac Developers Forum on AOL since 1989. For the past few years I've also run a number of interet lists most notably the OpenDoc lists at CI Labs.
I'm an independent consultant on use context for new information technologies of many kinds, mainly in the workplace. My clients are F/500 companies. My graduate program at UC Berkeley was in Linguistic Anthropology and I specialized in social interaction (PhD 1979). I am basically an ethnomethodologist/phenomenologist of the Heideggerian persuasion, but am interested in all forms of knowledge (as befits that persuasion).
We're still feeling our way around and getting to know each other.

Musician and singer, potterand mask maker, painter, former actress and occasional director, former mother, now grandmother, collector of American quilts and early primitive furniture, cook, backpacker, x-c skier, ice skater, swimmer, news junkie, political activist, feeder of birds (but I don't watch them eat :-), animal lover, and in 1960 a Playboy Bunny. What a long strange road it's been...

Mother, mystic, horseback rider, poker/bridge/scrabble player, former actress (non-pro), late-night talker, traveller, Loves springtime, Cape Cod, animals, good jokes, flowers, Florence, Communion. Wannabe poet, singer, book-writer (The Great American Treatise!), gardner (never tried - frown), painter.
I am a 48 year old woman, married. My husband is now retired. We like long walks on the beach and gourmet cooking.
I am 48 years old and have just completed my 30th year with General Motors and the United Auto Workers.
Over the past decade I have been steeped in psychoanalytic training and thinking - beginning with an extended analysis in 1985; continuing into and through a doctoral program in psychology which was psychoanalytically oriented; throughout the latter part of my formal training and into the job market (such as it is) with hands on work as a psychotherapist.. . .I think and breathe "the stuff."
I find myself wanting to create a crib sheet to identify each of you and begin to piece together information that allows me to see you in a fuller context.
I'm here because I am professionally and personally interested in group dynamics, the facilitation and uses of selfawareness -- and, if I'm honest, a particular sort of contact with other people, probably having something to do with my ability to be myself more fully than is often possible in ftf life.

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