Papers and Projects

I am rather interested in at some point producing an openly public web page as a group.

We wrote a collaborative essay last year, for IPN, when they were going to have a series on coercion. Wasn't published though <sigh>.
Sometimes I do wonder, will we eventually get to joint projects-or will we clique out in cyberspace
You see, in order to complete my pet project I need to put the ideas I find here into simple and even humorous English.
Would we want to actually go out and try to interest/recruit specific people for this list?
My goal is to make some sort of basic analytical framework, which can be expanded given more data, but will function as a way *into* understanding these types of email interactions as variations on a number of patterns
i say we submit an article as a group
When ideas and projects have been followed up it does seem to me to have a spontaneous, unpredictable quality to it; but maybe that's because my way of focusing tends to be towards the nonlinear, nondeterministic.
Well, I'll finally have to concede that this "project" is indeed undoable . . .So, I'm dropping my vision of how this "project" should be conducted -- as tenaciously as I've held onto it.
What would happen if we organized ourselves into small research teams and attacked various issues back channel, ultimately, publishing findings here
Out of the archival bubbling is a growing and probably (now,) large set of interdisciplinary knowledge about Net-Dynamics that we are creating here. It would be a big job to assemble it!

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