attachments are formed, here on the net. notice how i say "on the net"... as if it were a physical plane. which it ain't. but sometimes it feels as if it were. it feels like that to me sometimes. and then it is with some effort that i remind myself, but it ain't *real* elizabeth, and that too, perhaps, elizabeth ain't real. only the idea, the fiction of elizabeth is real. as are you, only the fiction of you is real.

follow up question: what difference might there be between terran and virtual identities?
must must must you try to stick me into something comforting, something concrete, an attractively embroidered flesh-suit? ronny and betty civilized? and whose concept of civiliztion will that ah... embody? Because you discount one thing... if not for this virtuality, chances are none of us would be speaking thus. con-textually, pre-editedly... performing ourselves.
Remember, the other side of the anonymity coin is RESPONSIBILITY.
Only the mask can reveal the invisible face.
Ely's Law: Wear the right costume and the part plays itself.
For me, a pleasure of the Internet is to have some choice and some control over who I think you see/read. Why on earth should I reveal education, avocation, create an envelope into which to stuff myself? I do that f2f all the time! I very much enjoy watching how I am electronically understood. I like to use a quotation in a .sig to reveal.
"here", whoever you happen to be, remains to be proven by the content and context of your posts,
I have little interest in creating (by ommission or otherwise) a new persona for cyberspace. I hardly have a grip on my real one. In addition, when I discuss almost any subject I use events from my life to illustrate or dramatize the points I want to make. Thus, my real life envelope comes out rather quickly anyway. After a while in this medium subterfuge seems to lose its entertainment value.
Anonymity, never leave home without it.
I'm certain that someone who knows me socially (f2f) would recognize me in a line-up here.
What's "fictive?" Yes, I agree that we are creatively bringing ourselves into a kind of fictional being here,
but don't we do that practically everywhere? I'm very verbal in RL -- I'm very verbally dramatic in RL -- I gesticulate alot in RL -- All of which sends a story to my "audience" in RL. That sounds, to me, as "fictive" as what I do here.
On the Net, anonymity is at best an illusion, and is impossible to preserve unless you are posting through an anonymous server like Using the tools available to me (on and off the Net), I can (if I wish) find out a great deal about people. The Internet is really a fairly public place, even on the lists.
I'm struck, too, with the ambivalence between safe experimentation on the one hand, and risky genuineness on the other. To venture into cyberspace as a neuter, unemcumbered, free-floating entity must be quite a welcome change for many. And an empty, impersonal experience at times, too.
Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to Robosquirrel who got word to Lady_Lydia/Lyds. Both of them are wizards on Doughnut Land.
mostly i think because of the slant of this list. i prefer to keep my rl self a bit opaque as a means for experimentation.
It's _very_ easy in email to pass off cheap, one-inch-deep personas as "real". Indeed, the more coarse the caricature, the easier it is. Likewise, the more enigmatic (like this Frank Rapport guy, or youearly on), the easier it is. Less of a story to keep straight.
It seems though that freedom in fact is not what it looks like from afar and a satisfying self is not an easy thing to invent. What begins as an adventure, an experiment, a psychic makover, can end up a prison. Cleverness plays itself out, the witty reparte ends, and there is nothing to fall back upon, because the persona has no underlying depth of experience to draw upon. Ya gotta move on.
>The term is pseudo-anonymity, identity but no reality. Authenticity without reference point
a lot of the affect here is projection. love affairs and flame wars happen way out of porportion to f2f interactions. people literaly read more into a note than is there.
Multifaceted personality disorder? (grin) By engaging in the adoption of personnas here in this unfettered environment, are we better able to understand and accept the various facets of our personalities in our "offline existence?" Am I close?

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