In every group, there are some who exert more influence than others This is "power" in the sense that it implies that their views are considered frequently, and perhaps in more depth than others of lesser influence. Thus, they have more "power" over any collaborative efforts generated from the group in terms of content and execution, and they may enjoy more recognition in the group

Those who post, empower themselves.
Only those who have posted here have influence here.
About control. I don't think I am interested in taking control
More responses is certainly more recognition, and could be construed as more power.
The hypothesis that frequent brief posts lead to power in an email group has been around here for a long time. I suspect there is a fair amount of truth to it. However, on certain lists (I am thinking of a couple academic lists in the area of philosophy and theology) I suspect that posting a one screen message every day would not lead to power but would lead to one being seen as the group airhead.
More often than not questioning others 'authority' is a great way of never having to face taking your own. What I do know is that this group, or any group for that matter, has no chance at all of realizing its goals if the defenses against taking ones own authority as a group member are not resolved.
Continually questioning authority is an acting out of the authority issue which is a central feature of phase 1 behavior in all group development. This is not my opinion, this is what happens in all groups in which I participate and I have been in quite a few
I've never been in a group that didn't first try to kill the authority

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