its only apparent given the quantity of discussion on this list that the network systems are not very good at maintaining linear discussions. It might be partly that being a day ahead of everyone because of where the dateline is creates some problems for me, in that if i sort by date and time the whole thing goes haywire; but its also that items take random times to arrive, anywhere between 2 minutes and 6 hours by the recent stuff.

But, what I like about being online, forstarters, is that I don't have to respond and/or I don't have to respond quickly . That changes things in a big way for me. I get to sit back & really take time to "listen" and to listen to a variety of opinions. And then to decide if I have something to say.
There is something about acting "right now" which is possible with this medium. Since the other person(s) aren't right there and won't be, one can just react. It is also possible to save one's response and think for awhile before reacting.
Hmm? No mail from you guys for over 12 hrs now. *Everybody's* speechless.

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