Whom do you trust? Why?

- I seem to give people, both F2F and on the net, the benefit of the doubt when meeting them.

So, what might it feel like to have the context shift so precipitously just as I (and others) have taken steps to disclose more, trust more? Well, folks, I'll let you in on the process here, and some possible ways of reacting: feeling betrayed, feeling exploited, feeling exposed, feeling punished, feeling rejected, feeling shocked....

It amazes me that people here supply addresses and phone numbers. Especially the women.

If we can choose to trust one another to not intentionally be hurtful, then we know that any toe-stepping-on is an accident. If anything is necessary (and it should seldom be), an "ouch!" and "I'm sorry" should do.
Seems simple enough. He either trusts me or he is manipulating me.

Nobody trusts Frank, because he's not using his real name.
I tend to *trust* people who seem to be 'nasty'. It is the smooth, slimey, come-hither characters that put me off.

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