The "NET" is not for the squimish. Shannah's post brought tears to my eyes ; ~ ( I have to tell ya, this kind of a first for me. I've seen some pretty raunchy things on the "NET", from people telling other people to get the fuck outta here, to threats of rape and sodomy and even some interesting activities concerning the use of horses, but I can't recall ever having anyone feel they have to leave a e-list or newsgroup because of the lack of posts.

Yes this a flame from someone who signed off the list, with a much better articulated rationale, about a week ago.
I am appalled at being called names and you must be too. This feels abusive. I am not sure I will continue to participate if the group allows this to go on.
Any further use of derogratory language or ethnic characterization will result in immediate and permanent removal from the list.
Sorry to post this on the general list but although I kept my list introduction I can't find where it says to unsubscribe. Who do I direct this query to? Can anyone help me get off? Thanks
Roy unsubscribed himself this morning apparently right after he sent the message to the list,
There are a number of lists which automatically send a questionnaire to those unsubscribing and they have circulated the responses. The most common answer by far to the question of why have you unsubbed is, too much mail and changing situations (job, ISP, moving etc.).
When I noticed that I had joined a group with the likes of Reidbord I pretty well knew that I would not be around for long. In a matter of days I lurked and then decided that enough was enough! Hence the invective and ultimately the departure.
I have no interest in sitting around watching as others engage in mutual masturbation and that is why I decided to leave.
with all that said-and-done, i think it's neccessary for me to depart. too much to do, not getting it done, too remiss in other stuff I should be doing.
I was sorry to see your unsub notice. I try not to intervene in comings and goings but I would like to encourage you to resubscribe, perhaps at another time if it might be more suitable for you.
I'm particularly sorry to read that Elizabeth has unsubscribed. On a personal level, I fear that my repeated efforts to draw her out, and my criticizing her for not having done so earlier, may have been a factor in her eventually feeling too guilty to stay.

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